Major Insurance Provider Saves $750k per Month With Big Data Migration

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Better Health World provides insurance solutions that enhance quality life. The company operates multiple brances across the US, serving over 30 thousands customers.

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The Challenge

Before partnering with Better Health World, our client faced several challenges in managing their insurance solutions effectively. These challenges included:

  • Limited Efficiency: The client struggled with inefficient processes and outdated systems, leading to delays and errors in providing insurance solutions to their customers.
  • Inadequate Customer Service: Due to manual processes and lack of streamlined systems, the client found it difficult to deliver prompt and satisfactory customer service, resulting in a decrease in customer satisfaction levels.
  • Lack of Scalability: With their existing infrastructure, the client faced difficulties in scaling their operations to meet the growing demands of their customer base.

What did
Tecnologia do

To address the challenges faced by our client, Better Health World developed a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions tailored to their specific needs. Key features of the product included:

  • Advanced Automation: We implemented cutting-edge automation technologies to streamline the client’s processes, reducing manual intervention and improving overall efficiency. This allowed for faster processing times and reduced the risk of errors.
  • Customized CRM System: Better Health World developed a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the client, enabling them to efficiently manage customer interactions, track policies, and provide personalized services.
  • Big Data Migration: As part of our solution, we facilitated the migration of the client’s data to a robust big data infrastructure. This allowed them to harness the power of data analytics and insights to make informed business decisions, optimize operations, and identify new opportunities for growth.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Our solution was built on a scalable infrastructure that could easily adapt to the changing needs of the client’s business. This ensured that the client could seamlessly expand their operations and accommodate future growth.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven insights, our solution empowered the client to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. This enabled them to deliver personalized services and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Overall, our tailored insurance solutions provided our client with the tools and capabilities they needed to overcome their initial challenges, enhance their operations, and deliver superior value to their customers.

The Results

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