Mattacena’s Success Story: Operations Enhancement and Cost Effective Solution

about mattacena

Mattacena is a restaurant based in the hearth of Florence, Italy.
They were looking for a solution to get reservations and manage those effectively.
Their goal was to detach themselves from a well known Mobile Application for reservation, allowing them to save tens of thousands of Euros per annum.

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The Challenge

Before partnering with us to develop a solution, Mattacena faced several challenges in managing reservations effectively:

  • Dependency on Third-Party Apps: The restaurant heavily relied on a well-known mobile application for handling reservations. However, this dependency came with significant costs, as the restaurant had to pay substantial fees to the platform for each booking made through their service.
  • Cost Inefficiency: The expenses associated with the third-party reservation platform amounted to tens of thousands of Euros annually, putting a strain on Mattacena’s budget and impacting their profitability.
  • Lack of Control: Relying on an external platform meant that Mattacena had limited control over their reservation system. They needed a solution that would give them greater autonomy and flexibility in managing bookings and customer interactions.

What did
Nexada do

To address Mattacena’s challenges and provide them with a cost-effective reservation management solution, we developed a custom WordPress-based system:

  • WordPress Reservation Plugin: We created a bespoke reservation plugin for Mattacena’s WordPress website, allowing customers to book tables directly through the restaurant’s website. The plugin integrated seamlessly with the existing WordPress framework, providing a user-friendly interface for both customers and restaurant staff.
  • Customizable Booking System: Our solution allowed Mattacena to customize their reservation process according to their specific needs and preferences. They could set booking rules, manage availability, and adjust seating layouts effortlessly through the WordPress admin panel.
  • Automated Notifications: To streamline communication with customers, we implemented automated email and SMS notifications for booking confirmations, reminders, and cancellations. This reduced the need for manual follow-ups and enhanced the overall customer experience.
  • Data Analytics Dashboard: Our solution included a comprehensive data analytics dashboard that provided insights into reservation trends, customer preferences, and peak booking times. This data-driven approach enabled Mattacena to make informed decisions and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency.
  • Cost Savings: By transitioning to our WordPress-based reservation system, Mattacena was able to eliminate the hefty fees associated with the third-party reservation platform, saving tens of thousands of Euros annually and improving their bottom line significantly.

Our custom WordPress reservation solution empowered Mattacena to detach themselves from costly third-party platforms and take full control of their reservation management process. By providing a cost-effective, user-friendly, and customizable solution, we helped Mattacena streamline their operations, reduce expenses, and enhance the overall dining experience for their customers in the heart of Florence, Italy.

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